March 31, 2012

15 Signs Your Relationship Meant To Be

Salam ^_^v

Rasa macam nak share something lah. Hehe. Kyra baca tadi dan rasa ada betulnya. :)
15 signs your relationship is meant to be:-

1.You tell him things you don't tell anyone else.
2.You let her see you in moments of weaknesses
3.You respect him
4.You want him to meet your parents
5.You can imagine future together
6.You're not afraid to disagree with him
7.You want to work out your major differences
8.You laugh together
9.You're incredibly,utterly,surprisingly attracted to her
10.It's ok to be qiuet around her
11.You feel like yourself around him
12.You need him the right amount
13.You don't feel too jealous
14.You feel like she makes you a better person
15.She just gets you
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