May 27, 2011


Benci la cmni.. ARGHH !! Tolong la phm..kenapa anda2 semua spt tidak memahami apa yang sya sdang rasa..saya rasa spt ingin meneyepi seketika..tapi apa yang mampu saya lakukan..Tapi anda2 semua tidak lah begitu memahami diri saya yang sebenar-benarnya..jika hanya baru kenal setahun jagung tidak akan paham is difficult to undrstand me..even me myself do not understand better is not because i am crazy or what..but how to make i am, i think it is hard to do that.. HUWAAA !! This is the time where i do hate myself when what i want i do not get.. Well i would feel stressed if i saw they wish say congrates excitedly happily around among themselves...Where as me..HURMMM...who am i..nothing !! HUMBLE and ASHAMED of myself and feel i do not meant for that..i know that they are not like that and they do not mean to hurt anybody...they just happy with their work effort business venture or anything else.. I am so sorry if i have hurt anyone who read this post..i didn’t mean to..just nothing..that’s what i always said if i have problem and do not ready to tell anyone except smeone who really mean to me... I like to be alone if this situation arise..SAD SAD SAD.. but till when should i be like this ?? Life is challenging...YEAH !! That’s it..  I should accept it because that is life.. It is hard to get succeed..need to sacrifice.....

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